Hoarding Hordes

It looks like we may be in for another session of curious shortages. A recent trip to the ubiquitous Costco revealed certain domestic goods either missing or in limited supply. A stern lecture from the featured columnist of the local birdcage liner scolded the miscreants for being so horrible as to stock up on such goods. I think he is barking at the wrong villian.

Is it so unreasonable to try to stock up on goods you think may soon be unavailable? Try a simple thought experiment. If, say, your water main were expected to be shut off for a month or two but you could store a large quantity (consider drafting your swimming pool), why should you not fill it now? True, there are many things that we can do with out on a short term basis, but even if the need is not as drastic as your water, why should you not put in a reasonable supply? That is just what those hoarders -most of them anyway- are doing. If you ignore the foreseeable shortage, isn’t it a bit foolish?

So stop belittling those who are looking ahead and acting on there expectations. Turn instead to real culprits, the government officials who, in this perpetual pandemic, seem to have learned nothing and are repeating the mistake. Here we are facing another severe lock-down sprung on us with no warning, mandating that we cower in our homes, masked and isolated and this mandate is made with not a thought to the consequences. Sure enough, the possibility that there might be a repeat of the supply disruptions we experienced in the spring provokes more panic and with it, more panic buying.

It is not enough for the lords of Sacramento to scold their subjects. They should be anticipating the effect these mandates will have and seeing to it that either supplies are available or effective restrictions are in place. We can argue the merit of the mandate to cease all social interaction, spending our days with one zoom meeting after another, binge watching anything that will hold our attention. What we should not have to tolerate is the inept management of this crisis and the real lack of concern for the population that has been so damaged by it.

For too long, California has been a one-party state. Elections should, among other things, be the means for punishing politicians who do not live up to expectations. It is time that all those all too reliable Democrat voters should think long and hard about returning to office those responsible for this debacle.

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